Comey memos detail conversations with President Trump

Comey memos detail conversations with President Trump

Now he is scrambling around, touting a book that was written for him, rationalizing his egregious (and possibly illegal) acts as former FBI Director, pouting like a schoolgirl, hurling epithets at the President of the United States who fired him, and demonstrating for all the world to see his self-aggrandizing, phony-baloney, preeningly narcissist nature. Comey asks rhetorically. After this book, well, yes. Among other things, Comey oversaw the FBI's investigation of a controversy involving then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's email. The memos, which were obtained this week by the AP, were unclassified, though some portions were blacked out as classified.

Last week, Comey compared Trump to a mob boss who was "morally unfit" to occupy the White House. A master at self-promotion, Trump famously talked off the record to reporters under the phony name John Barron years ago when he was hyping his net worth. At first, Comey laughed off what he thought was a joke. Trump wrote at shortly after midnight.

The following revealing note written on February 13 - just five days later - by an unidentified senior DOJ official addressed to FBI agent Peter Strzok, FBI criminal division official Jonathan Moffa, the FBI Office of General Counsel and members of the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Virginia was also discovered. In testimony before Congress previous year, the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director said he asked a friend to share content from the memos with the press, in the hopes it would lead to the appointment of a special counsel.

Amid the string of insults, Comey said in a BBC interview that aired Thursday night that he did not dislike Trump but rather felt "sorry for him as a person".

The documents cover the early months of the Trump administration, a period of upheaval marked by staff turnover, a cascade of damaging headlines and revelations of an FBI investigation into potential ties between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation.

One memo describes a meeting in which Comey says Trump remarked that Russian President Vladimir Putin had told him that Russia has "some of the most attractive hookers in the world", without explaining when the conversation took place, according to Comey's notes.

The notes quote the president as saying Mr Flynn had "serious judgment issues".

The foreign leader's name is redacted in the documents, but two people familiar with the call tell the AP it was Putin.

How does Comey know Hillary's commitments to our traditions?

Flynn was later fired for lying to vice president Mike Pence-18 days after the White House learned he was vulnerable to blackmail by the Russians.

Bromwich said McCabe "is very upset and disappointed" about remarks Comey has made about him to NPR and other outlets recently - in which Comey said that although he likes McCabe personally, he is confident that he didn't authorize him to arrange for information to reach the Journal.