Lyrid meteor shower visible tonight

Lyrid meteor shower visible tonight

But, like any meteor shower, you shouldn't look just in the area around the radiant; meteors can appear anywhere in the sky.

In order to witness the annual event, viewers should head outdoors when it's dark, lie on their back, and wait at least a half hour to adjust to the darkness, Bill Cooke, lead of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office, previously told Newsweek.

This meteor shower will be of medium brightness, so while it isn't the most dazzling display you'll see in 2018, it will still provide plenty of fireworks for even the most novice of skywatchers - as long as you're patient.

Those hoping to get the most spectacular view should avoid areas near cities or street lights. NASA also recommends lying on your back with your feet pointing East.

Named after the constellation Lyra - as that's where the shower is focused - the Lyrid meteor showers occur every year in April. If you live in the city, there may be too much light from nearby homes, businesses and roads to see the meteors easily. No binoculars or telescope are necessary. "The meteor shower can be observed through naked eyes".

"The meteor shower will be visible after 1:00 am". However, far fewer meteors will be in the sky-about 10 to 15 per hour, according to AccuWeather.

What is the Lyrid meteor shower?

"The dust particles from Thatcher comet come under friction as they enter the Earth's atmosphere giving the skygazers a magnificent view to gawk up at the sky", he added. That could prove hard it you're not willing to shell out for global flights to watch a meteor shower but you'll still be able to get a decent show from down under.