Colorado man survives shark, snake and bear attacks

Colorado man survives shark, snake and bear attacks

A man who survived a shark attack in Hawaii Thursday has in the past four years also survived being mauled by a bear and bitten by a rattlesnake, it has emerged. After all, as a former tree trimmer, ranch hand, survival training instructor and all-round adventurer, the Colorado LAD is in the great outdoors more often than most.

"I felt something hit my leg, and I looked down and there was a lot of blood and I saw the shark underneath me", McWilliams said. "I didn't know if I lost half my leg or what".

He said: "'The bear grabbed the back of my head and started pulling me and I was fighting back as best as I could", he said.

"That was the scariest part".

"I guess I was just in the wrong spot at the wrong time", he said of the attack, which caught the attention of media outlets worldwide.

Dylan hauled himself onto the beach and a woman rushed to his aid.

Shortly after, he was whisked away to hospital where he was given seven stitches.

McWilliams suffered deep cuts to his leg, but the injury wasn't life-threatening. The first was in July of previous year.

He was sleeping outside at a summer camp in his home state when a 300-pound black bear began biting the back of his head. It then dragged him, only dropping its grip as he punched it and poked it in the eye.

"That's amusing you say that because Steve Irwin has been my hero since I was a kid", McWilliams said. "There was a little venom so I did get a bit sick for a couple of days", the aspiring police officer said.

Rewind a further three-and-a-half years and Dylan was out hiking a canyon in Moab, Utah when he was bitten by a pygmy rattlesnake.

When asked if he thinks he will have another brush with risky wildlife, he said: "I hope not, but I spend most of my time outside with animals... so I guess anything could happen".