Ireland U17 GK sent off DURING penalty shoot-out

Ireland U17 GK sent off DURING penalty shoot-out

The Republic of Ireland were knocked out of the European U17 Championships in controversial circumstances on Tuesday evening.

One of the most highly controversial moments in Irish football occurred when a shockingly freakish refereeing decision ordered a Dutch penalty to be retaken, sent off the Irish keeper, and put an end to the Boys In Green's European championships in one fell swoop.

Many on social media are confused as to exactly why Corcoran was sent off - some have theorised that it may have been for dissent - but the rulebook clearly states that a keeper must be given a second yellow if the referee sees him come off his line for a penalty.

Alas, for the Irish, referee Zbynek Proske judged Corcoran (correctly) to have been well off his line when making the save.

Inexplicably, Proske then shocked all watching at Proact Stadium, Chesterfield, UK, by astoundingly showing Corcoran a second yellow card, resulting in a red and his dismissal, reducing the young shot stopper to tears.

However, replays showed that Corcoran's forward movement was minimal and the teenager was left inconsolable by the decision.

The junior side had their goalkeeper Jimmy Corcoran sent off during the shoot-out after he made the save to send it to sudden-death penalties.

The camera then panned to the distraught Irish players on the touchline, while senior manager Martin O'Neill then sprinted on the pitch in order to fire a volley of abuse in the referee's ear.

The match had ended 1-1 after normal time, with Troy Parrott scoring the Ireland goal. This is football and that's why we play sport; for the ups and downs.