YouTube Testing Incognito Mode On Android App

YouTube Testing Incognito Mode On Android App

A lot of Google apps allow users private access through incognito mode to allow users to access all features without being tracked.

Previously, users had the option of signing out of the app while continuing to use it.

Google has been made aware of this and is now testing a new placement for the feature. YouTube now joins Google's Chrome and Gboard apps in offering Incognito mode with on Android.

This is according to a report from Android Police in which some users are seeing the option as you can see in the screenshot above. In YouTube, there's an equivalent of an Incognito Mode by going to Settings History & privacy and toggling on the options to pause watch and search history.

Since the YouTube TV "Voice Remote" feature is not yet part of a downloadable update, there is no choice but to wait for Google to make the official announcement.

As the screenshot mentions, browsing YouTube in incognito mode basically means that all activity from your session will be cleared once you exit incognito mode. There are several different commands available, so if you've already gotten the voice remote or you just want to be prepared for when it does arrive, you can find a list of available voice commands right here. To its credit, YouTube has been getting better at understanding which videos are absolute garbage and shouldn't be recommended on its home page, but I still shudder at the thought of people discovering my abhorrent taste in videos.