WhatsApp Introduces New Group Chat Features, Improved Admin Controls

WhatsApp Introduces New Group Chat Features, Improved Admin Controls

In addition to this change for WhatsApp group chat, the service is also launching a new feature called Catch Up - allowing users to see a quick recap of messages that have mentioned or replied to you since you've been away.

You can download WhatsApp Messenger from the App Store for free. Lastly, WhatsApp says that users can not repeatedly rejoin groups that they have previously left.

Banning automatically created WhatsApp group chat rooms is definitely warranted, but the fact that a bunch of innocent groups were caught in the crossfire is definitely upsetting a significant portion of the user base. Announcing all-new updates for WhatsApp Groups, the company stressed on the fact that Groups has been a very important part of the WhatsApp experience and it wants to further improve it.

WhatsApp has been pretty busy this year, rolling out with new features frequently. This feature can be found under "Group Info". The group description can be changed by group admins and participants, with admins also having the option to restrict participants from doing so.

"When a new person joins a group, the description will show up at the top of the chat", the company said in a blog post on Tuesday. Group description is available for both iOS and Android users. Want to know who is participating in a group chat on WhatsApp? The feature didn't take off with the same functionality as Facebook did but it comes with better user facility now.

WhatsApp has also made it easier for people to search for group participants online.

WhatsApp has also started giving more control to group admins. And Administrators can now remove administrator powers belonging to other group members.

Finally, WhatsApp users will be able to search for participants in a group, by visiting the Group info section within a group. At the same time group creators can not be removed from the group they have started.