Republican senator says EPA chief must slow refinery waivers or resign

Republican senator says EPA chief must slow refinery waivers or resign

He said the EPA needs to take a fairer approach "or I'm going to be calling for Pruitt to resign because I'm done playing around with this".

Udall accused Pruitt of continuing to flout legal requirements to inform lawmakers about that and other big-ticket spending, and "treating your position of public trust as a golden ticket for extravagant travel and fine dining".

Inspector General Arthur Elkins says his office will review the matter despite budget and staff constraints.

The EPA has spent about $3 million on Pruitt's 20-member full-time security detail. That challenges Pruitt's account that the round-the-clock security was a result of threats against him after taking office.

President Donald Trump said last week he continues to have confidence in Pruitt even as criticism of his EPA chief has increasingly been coming from fellow Republicans.

Trump told lawmakers in a closed-door meeting last week that he had chose to do so by expanding sales of high-ethanol gasoline called E15, counting ethanol exports toward annual volumes quotas, and cutting back the use of waivers, according to a source briefed on the meeting.

Additionally on Tuesday, six Democrats on a separate Senate committee with oversight of EPA known as for Pruitt to testify earlier than their committee, saying {that a} new letter from the inspector basic straight contradicts Pruitt's testimony to 2 Home subcommittees final month. He then read aloud a threat posted on Twitter a year ago by a man who said he planned to shoot Pruitt and who was later determined by investigators to be in India. That includes flying first class on commercial airliners. "Forget about your own ego and your first class travel and your special phone booths that just make you a laughingstock and your agency a laughingstock".

The EPA chief, ringed by his aides and security personnel, appeared to ignore them.