Offline Support Comes to the New Gmail

Offline Support Comes to the New Gmail

Gmail's latest feature Smart Compose will vary these predictions to each individual users, based on the information that Google already knows about you.

At the bottom, click Advanced.

This new mode will allow users to compose e-mails and do a number of tasks even when they aren't connected to the internet. Previously this feature was available for Chrome users as an add-on for the browser, but this naturally hinders performance like most add-ons. Today, Google has started deploying the new Gmail's "Nudge" feature, which is created to help you reply to emails you missed or ignored like the lazy procrastinator you are. When the feature was announced in Google IO, the company said that the feature would be rolling out to all Gmail users later this month. But it's not the first time that Google has enabled this feature: A special Gmail Offline web app for Chrome was available previously, and Gmail users could also enable offline support via a browser extension.

Click on the gear icon below your user portrait. The last setting is Security and the ability to set whether Gmail keeps or removes offline data on your computer after logging out. Click it and then enable the "Offline mail" tick box.

Anyone who shares their computer with family members or coworkers should choose to delete synced messages when an account is signed out.

Next, you'll be able to switch to offline mode and customize some of its settings. Gmail is going to need some time to download all those messages.

Offline mode is only available for people using Chrome, so if that isn't now your browser of choice, you'll need to download it for starters.

For this to work offline you'll need to have an instance of Gmail open on Chrome before you go offline, so make you've got one of those before you're off to your jungle safari.

To delete stored email clear your internet history with the option to delete Cookies And Other Site Data checked (Figure D).