Ag teacher allegedly drowns raccoons in front of students

Ag teacher allegedly drowns raccoons in front of students

Christian said he couldn't comment further on the incident, only saying that Brewton was placed on leave as part of standard protocol, and that school officials did not have issues with Brewton in the past 34 years he has worked on and off for the district.

The mother of the student who shot the video, both who wish to remain anonymous, said to a reporter at WKMG-TV, "It made me sick".

Video footage recorded by the woman's son shows a raccoon trapped inside a metal cage placed inside a garbage bin that was then filled with water.

Multiple students can be seen helping with the drowning, while others stand around and watch.

In the interview with the WKMG, the mother said the incident made her "sick to my stomach". "It's awful. It still does make me sick to my stomach", said the student's mother, who wanted to remain anonymous.

"When the raccoons tried to come up for air, they had metal rods and they held them down with metal rods".

"My friend said that the class before that, they were [putting] the water in the buckets", the student said, adding that some of her classmates had nightmares following the ordeal.

According to local press reports, the teacher was angry with the raccoons because they ate the chicken, which the pupils grew up alone as a school project.

Her son told her his agriculture teacher made a threat that anyone who recorded or photographed the incident would be given a referral.

'[My son] knew while it was happening that it was wrong, so he did it anyway and stood behind people hiding, taking pictures and videos, ' she said.

One video shows the tip of a raccoon's snout sticking out just above the surface of the water. The unfortunate animals plunged into a water-filled trash can.

Brewton has been suspended with pay while he's investigated by Forest High School.

"While law enforcement determines whether this teacher's actions were legal or not, his actions before students are entirely unacceptable and cause us great concern".

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission says it is investigating the way the raccoons were killed. Those findings will be presented to officials with the state attorney's office, who will decide if criminal charges are appropriate.

Forest High School's Future Farmers of America Alumni Chapter has since rallied around Brewton, who is the group's adviser. "This is a man who would give everything he had to make sure that his children/students are taken care of". He has always gone above and beyond his call of duty to ensure that his students had everything they needed'.