Samsung halts Galaxy S7 Oreo rollout in United Kingdom due to random reboots

Samsung halts Galaxy S7 Oreo rollout in United Kingdom due to random reboots

It needs to launch the Galaxy Note 9 sooner to offset that and, consequently, it will need to launch the Galaxy S10 earlier next year as well. Leaving the rumors and leaks aside, the alleged Samsung Galaxy A8 Star was spotted at the Wi-Fi Alliance with Android 8.0 Oreo onboard, but it also visited the Washington-headquarted Bluetooth Special Interest Group, widely known as the Bluetooth SIG. Additionally, the S10 will likely feature a fingerprint sensor under the display, along with a stunning display screen; the most impressive display Samsung has ever produced. However industry sources now say it will be announced in mid-Summer, likely "late-July" and released in August. Samsung is reportedly "dumbing down" the design of the foldable smartphone to be able to finally launch the device. Though 1 million in sales in South Korea is impressive, it's worth noting that it took the S9 a tad longer to reach that mark relative to last year's Galaxy S8. The real news, however, is why Samsung is making these moves.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 scored better than the iPhone X in Consumer Reports' smartphone rankings, but the iPhone X was the best-selling smartphone in the first quarter.

Going back to The Korea Herald, they claim that Samsung also plans to release the well awaited Galaxy S10 early!

Samsung has temporarily halted the rollout of Android Oreo to its Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones, according to a SamMobile report. Samsung has learned from their mistakes by rushing products out, and is ensuring that the Galaxy X will be flawless.

According to a report, Galaxy J6 will feature a 5.6-inches HD+ (1480x720) Infinity display with 18.5:9 ratio.

The Galaxy X already sounds worth the wait and will revolutionize how smartphones will be designed in the future.

The so-called Galaxy X will feature a " fold-in structure", The Bell notes, comprising three 3.5in OLED panels.