China calls for goodwill from USA, N.Korea

China calls for goodwill from USA, N.Korea

Chinese President Xi Jinping and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un met last week in the northeastern Chinese city of Dalian, just several weeks after their last get together.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has met with visiting North Korean ruling party officials and emphasized the importance of advancing a friendship "sealed in blood" between the two countries, the North's state-run media reported Thursday.

"He noted with pleasure that he met Chairman Kim Jong Un two times and exchanged the comprehensive and detailed views on the matters of concern including the development of the relations between the two parties and the two countries and the regional and worldwide situation", it added.

According to the NK Pro leadership tracker, Pak regularly attends events or guidance visits with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, with the most recent mention coming on February 2 when he went with Kim to the Kumunsan Palace of the Sun.

The DPRK delegation was led by Pak Thae Song, member of the Political Bureau and vice-chairman of the WPK Central Committee with other "senior provincial and municipal level party officials" also in attendance.

Dandong, a city in Northeast China that sits on the border with North Korea, released a series of new rules as part of its efforts to cool down the overheating local property market, the local government said in a statement on its official WeChat account.

The Chinese president then expressed hope that the two nations will further enhance their cooperation and exchanges and develop bilateral friendly relations after the delegation's trip.

China has urged the United States and North Korea to find a middle ground after the North hinted it might cancel a summit with the US.

But Washington later dismissed the threat saying that it will continue planning the summit as before.

The spokesperson also commented on the North's cancellation of an inter-Korean ministerial meeting scheduled for Wednesday.