KFC goes vegetarian with plans to test plant-based chicken

KFC goes vegetarian with plans to test plant-based chicken

In due course, PHE is aiming for United Kingdom adults to consume as little as 400 calories at breakfast and 600 calories for lunch and dinner.

The company famous for its "finger lickin'" Southern fried chicken announced this week that it was testing chickenlike "vegetarian options" in Britain with its signature blend of herbs and spices.

KFC cooked up this combination to satisfy the U.K.'s new health guidelines, which challenge fast food restaurants to cut calories by 20 percent.

LONDON-KFC says it's cooking up a new, healthier recipe, one that will be missing the restaurant chain's most famous ingredient: chicken. The company said the new recipe will be tested on customers this year and if successful, it will be introduced by 2019.

KFC is making its first foray into the vegetarian lifestyle with a faux chicken product.

KFC, part of Louisville-based Yum Brands Inc.

Meanwhile, KFC's USA team has indicated to Foodbeast that the vegetarian option won't be introduced in the country and there are "no plans related to the U.K.'s test at this time".

"Development of the recipe is still in its very early stages, and so the options we're exploring in our kitchen are still top secret", KFC told FoodBeast in a statement. A menu update later this year will include a reinvented veggie version of Col. Harland Sanders' fried chicken, the company told the British tabloid.

In April, White Castle introduced a plant-based burger, the product of an alliance with a startup called Impossible Foods, at 140 locations in New York, New Jersey and IL.

KFC is not the only company looking to shake up its established menu.

"How sharply has vegetarianism increased in the U.S.?" As the Independent reported in May, the chain said it will begin offering healthier substitutes for fries as sides for free.