Decisions, Decisions: What will LeBron James do this summer?

Decisions, Decisions: What will LeBron James do this summer?

What could make things interesting and put National Basketball Association 2K in an intriguing position is if James were to leave the Cavaliers during offseason, as it would be the second straight player to have their jersey changed on the cover. Understanding especially where my boys are at this point in their age.

Despite spending much of the second half of the regular season rehabbing a broken bone in his left (non-shooting) hand, Love finished 2017-2018 with his second-best stat line since joining the Cavaliers, as he averaged 17.6 points and 9.3 rebounds per game. Game 3 is Wednesday night.

After a dominate sweep of the Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday - Durant brought home his second consecutive NBA title as well as NBA Finals MVP. For the record, the Sixers have a pretty good shot at getting James as far as Las Vegas oddsmakers go. You just don't get opportunities like this against Golden State to take Game 1 and I let the emotions get the best of me. I feel like it's harder to stand out when you have great players around you.

"I pride myself on standing out wherever I am", Durant added. I pride myself on working hard wherever I go. I know the right questions to ask certain guys and see if they're smart enough to actually think the game as well.

Golden State will nearly surely say farewell to Pachulia and Young. It frustrated many fans, who saw it as Durant taking the easy road to a title, and upsetting the competitive balance of the league.

Cleveland can offer James more money - a five-year, US$209 million contract - than anyone else, but the larger issue is what it can do to improve a roster that's now short on title-winning performance.

Interestingly, every time that he's hit the open market, he's switch jerseys. And sure, that's true.

The Cavaliers without a major overhaul won't be the best team in the East next year, and that makes the chances of a five-peat between Cleveland and Golden State very, very remote.

"I feel like '10 was the toughest", James said.
If they won, my Cavaliers-loving friends would blame it on the referees or the fact that LeBron had no help.

The Philadelphia 76ers can entice James with young stars Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, salary-cap space to accommodate him and other pieces, and the luxury to stay in the Eastern Conference to avoid meeting up with the Warriors until the Larry O'Brien Trophy is up for grabs. The Thunder of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook looked unsafe. Most people in his position probably would have done the same thing.