"Gears Of War 5" Trailer Debuts At E3

Microsoft's E3 2018 press conference was packed with tons of new trailers and world premieres, but one big question we have is which games are exclusive to Microsoft and which aren't?

Gears Tactics is now in pre-alpha and looks like a Gears of War take on the turn-based strategy gameplay of the recent XCOM games.

"Gears Tactics is the true Gears of War PC experience that our fans have been asking for". Funko is working closely with the game's developers, and there will be up to 16 different Pop figures and variants based upon the new game.

This trailer along with the brief introduction to the turn-based strategy title, Gears Tactics, and a short video of the project headed to mobile was all studio head Rod Ferguson was willing to elaborate on.

More news will be shared on both titles later on, but they'll be coming to iOS and Android. If you haven't been able to watch it, the screens give you the idea.

Finally, we come to the star of the trio, Gears 5. Gears Tactics will also feature boss fights, and we even got a glimpse of a Brumak in the trailer.

In Gears of War 5, players will take the role of Kait, journey across the biggest, most handsome Gears world ever created. We'll find out plenty more in the time between now and then, so we'll definitely be keeping an ear to the ground for more.