Skyrim isn't coming to Alexa...but this makes us wish it was

Skyrim isn't coming to Alexa...but this makes us wish it was

The game is a "massive first-person role-playing game" and will be the second Elder Scrolls game to make it to mobile.

Skyrim debuted in 2011 and since that time Bethesda has been faithfully porting the hit RPG to every platform imaginable - even Amazon's voice-enabled assistant, Alexa. To start using it, all you need to do is open the menu within the Alexa app, navigate to skills, and then search for Skyrim: Very Special Edition.

Some of Bethesda's silly E3 2018 moments may have been met with dead air from the audience, but there's no denying that everyone loved the Skyrim: Very Special Edition skit.

As part of the company's E3 showcase, they threw in a insane video starring Keegan-Michael Key to show us their latest, most ultimate versions of Skyrim yet. If you own an Amazon Echo or Amazon Dot, you can ask Alexa about the Skyrim skill. If you don't have an Echo speaker, you can install the Alexa app on your phone and play Skyrim right on your device. As soon as you say "Alexa Play Skyrim" she'll give you a few quick stats about your player level and then will launch into a brief story scenario, which offers you two or three ways in which you can respond.

Bethesda fully embraced internet snark during its E3 2018 press conference, with boss Todd Howard making daft references to a bunch of different jokes aimed at his company. During a battle, you'll have options such as use a weapon, spell or shout skill.

Not to mention, this joke version of Skyrim is also coming to other platforms, like.