Trump's vow to end military drills with South Korea stuns a region

Trump's vow to end military drills with South Korea stuns a region

South Korea was apparently caught off guard by President Trump's announcement that the canceling their long held joint military exercises in exchange for a promise from North Korea to denuclearize. "The president announced to a press conference that what he called war games, annual defensive exercises we have with South Korea, he considers it provocative and he's going to stop them". Multiple NBC reporters in contact with South Korean officials say they had no idea the exercises were part of the negotiations. "South Korea military drills, but the American military presence in South Korea wouldn't mean much if the militaries don't practice through joint drills", said Moon, now a senior analyst for the Seoul-based Korea Research Institute for National Strategy. "In coordination with our (South Korean) partners, we will continue with our current military posture until we receive updated guidance from the Department of Defense (DoD) and/or Indo-Pacific Command (INDOPACOM)".

A spokeswoman for US military forces in Korea, meanwhile, said it had not received any direction to cease joint military drills.

"South Korea will have mixed feelings toward Trump's remarks", said Lee Il-woo, a director at Korea Defense Network in Seoul.

"I hated to do it", Mr. Trump told Mr. Hannity.

In a statement signed by both leaders, the countries agreed to the recovery of the remains and the immediate repatriation of those already identified.

Given Kim only repeated vague commitments to pursue the "denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula", some observers questioned whether Trump was making overly drastic concessions.

The final deal over the North Korean problem is yet to be signed, and the US wants South Korea and China to be part of it.

"The core of the U.S".

However, Trump and Kim may need one more meeting to discuss existing problems, according to the USA president.

President Trump said he believes that Kim Jong Un will begin dismantling North Korea's nuclear arsenal "virtually immediately" after the two leaders met in a historic summit in Singapore.