Trump's G-7 outburst is 'a little depressing,' Germany's Merkel says

Trump's G-7 outburst is 'a little depressing,' Germany's Merkel says

"The other leaders presented their numbers and Trump presented his".

A photo of a seated President Donald Trump while the rest of the world leaders gather around him during the G7 summit has gone viral on social media.

Berlin, Germany―World Trade Organization chief Roberto Azevedo warned Monday against a damaging "escalation" of trade tensions between the United States and other major economies, following a divisive G7 summit.

Some Twitter users did not agree with Bolton's opinion, criticizing Trump's policies and the way his administration deals with U.S. allies.

Le Maire's comments, a day after he announced "significant progress" towards a compromise on wider eurozone reforms, are a tentative step forward for French President Emmanuel Macron in his quest to get German backing for an European Union shake-up.

Merkel's comments come after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Canada would be imposing retaliatory tariffs on the United States.

Merkel said the contentious meeting drives home the point she's made for more than a year: that the European Union needs to stand together to increase its clout on the world stage and that the U.S. is a less reliable partner.

Many Twitter users took up the challenge of a caption contest and offered alternatives to Merkel's straightforward description. "But first of all we need to make progress in implementing the Minsk agreements", she said.

Trump's "America First" message to allies has hardened since he brought hardline national security adviser John Bolton on to his team.

The European leader-famed for negotiating compromise without political histrionics-gave an uncharacteristically candid and combative assessment of relations with Trump as she spoke to German channel ARD, after last week's G-7 summit.

"Angela Merkel's office has released this photo taken today at the G7, which tells you a lot about how things went", one tweet reads.

The G-7 summit participants managed to patch over their disagreements and agree to disagree on some issues in a joint final statement. In one picture, while the former U.S. president is seen engaging in talks with the experts, in the other picture he can be seen sharing a light moment with Angela Merkel with watching the European soccer match.

On Saturday morning Trump said he was open to getting rid of the tariffs if the other countries agreed to a more pure form of free trade.