Police officer rescues IL boy running alongside traffic

Police officer rescues IL boy running alongside traffic

Dash cam from Sergeant Anthony Mannino's patrol auto shows him plucking a toddler from harm's way in Naperville, Illinois last month.

Mannino was presented his department's lifesaving award on Thursday, the department said.

Cars continue to drive by in the left lane as the scene unfolds. At one point, a large truck can be seen passing within a few feet of the approximately 1-year-old child at a high rate of speed.

When Mannino catches the boy, the dash cam footage shows him telling him "You're OK, you're OK", then asking the boy his name. Mannino then alerts dispatch that he has him and would begin searching for his parents. The child was out for only a matter of minutes before Mannino spotted him.

According to a Naperville police spokesman, the boy ran out of his mother's home when she wasn't looking.

"We attribute that to Sgt. Mannino's observation while on patrol and quick reaction, placing his squad vehicle and himself between the child and traffic", said the department on Facebook.

No charges were filed. Police ruled the incident an accident.