E3 2018: ‘Fallout 76’ Gameplay Trailer, Details, Release Date

E3 2018: ‘Fallout 76’ Gameplay Trailer, Details, Release Date

The game will put you in the shoes of one of the survivors venturing out of the Vault 76.

As many predicted, Fallout 76 is a prequel set in the hills of West Virginia.

Don't believe me? How to wait in Fallout 4 is still one of the most popular articles on Shacknews in 2018, almost three years after it was originally published.

'You are one of the very special few selected to be an occupant and spend 25 years underground waiting for Reclamation Day-The day vault opens. They gave us a hint of what kind of game we were in store for.

Where is Fallout 76 set?

Fallout 76 takes place before all other Fallout games. Howard stated that the game will feature new rendering, lighting, and landscape technology, allowing Bethesda to utilise dynamic and distant weather system.

If you aren't a Fallout fanatic, you're better off spending $60 (or less) on a standard copy of the game. However, Howard classified Fallout 76 as "softcore" survival, where dying doesn't mean the loss of your character or progression.

See how the game looks and get details on what it is and when you're going to be able to play it below.

Will Fallout 76 be an online-only game
BETHESDAWill Fallout 76 be an online-only game

You will also have the ability to launch nukes against other online players, build your own town friends, pose with your friends for pictures in game, and much more. Fallout 76 will be available on November 14th. Once players clear the silo of any hostile enemies, they'll be able to take over the silo and fire a nuclear missile at a location of their choice on the map. One such player by the name of Andrew Ngeyen has even started a position to stop Bethesda from trying out something new.

Building a C.A.M.P. Weapons appear more dated than previous Fallout games, as a gameplay sequence featured a single-shot pistol, complete with the player having to refill the gunpowder after every round.

During the Bethesda E3 showcase we learned a bunch about Fallout 76, which will have "sixteen times the detail" in its graphics of Fallout 4.

In the world of Fallout, the American government and a shady company called Vault-tec, create a series of fallout shelters to protect a selection of citizens from an impending nuclear war.

That's pretty much the core loop - gather resources, build a base, level up, maybe destroy other player's bases, and survive.

Fallout 76 will have a B.E.T.A.

Howard also revealed the collector's edition of Fallout 76 which will come with a glow in the dark map, figures that you can put on the map and a wearable T-51b Power Armour helmet with a functioning headlamp.