Apple Takes Steps to Block Devices That Can Crack Your iPhone's Passcode

Apple Takes Steps to Block Devices That Can Crack Your iPhone's Passcode

With USB Restricted Mode, an iPhone's Lightning port will lock one hour after the phone is locked. "We have the greatest respect for law enforcement, and we don't design our security improvements to frustrate their efforts to do their jobs". It will have little practical effect on most people using the devices but will make it far more hard for investigators to use extraction tools that attach through the port for the objective of collecting the contents of seized iPhones. Now they will be unable to run code on the devices after the hour is up.

The changes to the default settings of the iPhone are meant to stop unauthorised access to the phones via the USB port. Rumor has it that Apple is considering switching its iPhone lineup from Lightning to USB-C for charging.

When questioned by Reuters, Apple explicitly mentioned the protection of its customers in countries where law enforcement uses the aforementioned hacking tools - many of which have much looser human-rights protections than are present in the US. Software developers noticed it in the beta version iOS 11.3 before it disappeared from the publicly released version of the software.

There is a chance Apple will work its tech wizardry to create universal charging soon but it seems more likely this will come later, if at all.

Apple is taking steps to block devices that can crack your iPhone's passcode, reports Reuters.

The FBI ultimately found a contractor that broke into the phone without Apple's help.

Apple is reportedly planning to replace its proprietary Lightning connector with the more widely-used USB-C connector on the iPhone and iPad next year. In 2016, the company refused a demand from the Federal Bureau of Investigation that it create software to circumvent encryption technology on an iPhone that had belonged to a suspect in a mass shooting in San Bernardino, California. The popularity of Type-C interface among handsets will still depend on the adoption in Apple's iPhones, nevertheless, the sources said.