Steven Spielberg And James Wan To Produce ARACHNOPHOBIA Remake

Steven Spielberg And James Wan To Produce ARACHNOPHOBIA Remake

In a world filled with reboots and remakes, comes another reboot.

With titles like Death Room, Doorway, The Stand, and Prey For Us, The Tommyknockers is just one of several horror films that have been announced based on Stephen King's work.

Deadline broke the news on Monday evening, detailing that filmmaker James Wan, who will launch his hotly anticipated Aquaman for Warner Bros. and DC Films in December, is attached to produce the Arachnophobia remake through his Atomic Monster banner. Wan will not direct.

Directed by Frank Marshall in his directorial debut and starring Jeff Daniels Julian Sands Harley Jane Kozak, and John Goodman, the original film was about a large spider from the jungles of South America that is accidentally transported in a crate with a dead body to America where it mates with a local spider. Together, the characters must team up to find the original "queen" and destroy her spider-producing nest before the venomous spiders wipe out their entire town.

Are you excited about this remake?

One wonders how adapting the movie in the late 2010s will change things, in terms of effects in particular. Just film a bunch of spiders crawling out of common places in people' homes and you have a movie scary enough to give many people heart attacks. Also: Can we get John Goodman back, playing the long-lost brother of Delbert McClintock, out for spider vengeance? Before that, his latest producing effort, The Conjuring spinoff The Nun, will hit theaters on September 7.