Kim Kardashian meets Alice Marie Johnson, teaches her about Snapchat

Kim Kardashian meets Alice Marie Johnson, teaches her about Snapchat

Kim Kardashian is traveling to Memphis, Tenn., on Wednesday to meet with Alice Marie Johnson, whose life sentence for a nonviolent drug offense she helped commute with an appeal to President Trump, according to a report.

Hoda Kotb chatted with the pair for an interview that aired Thursday morning and asked Johnson what it was like to receive that life-changing phone call from the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star. The reality TV star later met with POTUS to discuss a possible pardon.

Kardashian and her team had worked to free the first-time offender, who last week said "that only God could have touched Kim Kardashian's heart like that and we have connected". "And he laughed, and it broke the ice". "Love you, Alice!" Johnson was sent to prison in 1996, 19 years before Snapchat introduced the filter options.

Kardashian West acknowledged that she has opposed Trump's policies in the past.

"We spoke about Alice".

"'You can go home now".

Johnson was released a week after the meeting. Despite the advocacy success, she said she has no plans to go into politics. "This is just insane - just the history in this one room". "It was overwhelming in the most incredible way", she described her late May meeting with the president.

The celeb was met with mixed reactions after her visit to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, with some calling Kim a "pawn" while others applauded her overcoming any ideological differences she has with the President for the better good.

"My family's always really supportive. Are you ready to go home?'" Johnson recalled.

If you combine the FIRST STEP Act with President Trump's vocal leadership on the national stage, his success lowering minority unemployment to record-setting lows, and his executive actions to right historical wrongs, no president in recent memory has been this ambitious to help communities impacted by mass incarceration.
Kardashian West said. "I mean, it's gone up and we felt like, 'OK, it's going to happen, ' and then just our spirits so down when we think it's not gonna go in that direction, and it's been such an emotional roller coaster just behind the scenes that it's so gratifying that we're here and we did it".