Netflix Makes It Easier to Watch Shows on the Go

Netflix Makes It Easier to Watch Shows on the Go

With "smart downloads", the Netflix mobile app automatically deletes episodes you've completed and replaces them with the next show in the series once your phone connects to Wi-Fi again. Users of Netflix's Apple iOS apps will have to wait a few more months to get Smart Downloads.

You download Season 1, Episodes 1-3. With "smart downloads", Netflix will automatically delete an episode when a user finishes watching it and then download the next one, too.

The basic Netflix plan starts at $7.99 which allows you to stream content in standard definition on one display.

Netflix's Chief Content Officer Theodore Sarandos said at a conference a year ago that by adding a download feature, "We actually wind up serving parts of Latin America and big chunks of Asia much better than we used to" and addressed a demand from "young people who really like doing that, dropping the things on their phone, and also people who do short-haul commuting who basically don't have a dependable signal on the train and all those different things". The feature will be available for Android devices starting today.

"You watch, we do the work", summed up the post, which is attributed to Cameron Johnson, Director of Product Innovation.

Smart Downloads can be turned off straight from the app's settings if you like. There are more details on how to use the Smart Downloads feature and you can read all about it here.

Now Playing: Watch this: Netflix "smart downloads" manage your offline episodes. Johnson said Netflix has a high degree of confidence that if you download and watch one episode of a TV show, you'll probably want another.

It's limited to episodic TV series, not movies, standup specials or other kinds of programming. "We're taking the point of view to not be presumptuous and let people choose for themselves".