Mexican Grandfather, 92, Beaten With Brick in LA: 'Go Back to Mexico'

Mexican Grandfather, 92, Beaten With Brick in LA: 'Go Back to Mexico'

The attack was so brutal that Rodriguez was unable to walk after the suspects ran away, and he now suffers a myriad of injuries, including bruised ribs, a broken cheekbone, and head and neck injuries.

Investigators say the assault happened as Rodolfo Rodriguez passed a woman as they walked on a sidewalk in the Willowbrook neighborhood.

LASD tells FOX 11 they are investigating this case and they believe Rodriguez was attacked from behind.

The alleged victim, who was visiting his family in the US from his home in Mexico, spoke to local reporters through his grandson, Erik Mendoza, who served as a translator. Soon after, a group of men attacked Rodriguez, too.

The GoFundMe page for Rodriguez has already doubled its original goal of $15,000.

RT oborraez: 92 year old Rodolfo Rodriguez was beaten with a "brick or concrete object than kicked while he was down" according to LASDespanol detectives. "He is doing really bad, has a lot of bruises on his face and a broken cheekbone".

Misbel Borjas was driving by when she saw the woman hitting Rodriguez repeatedly in the head with a concrete block, she said.

Rodriguez's family told KTLA-TV that the woman from the photograph pushed Rodriguez to the ground, picked up a brick and began beating him with it. "He's 92 years of age".

Sheriff's Deputy D'Angelo Robinson told KTLA that police are "concerned" about the crime, but they've not yet determined a motive. "There's no harm that he meant for you to treat him the way you did".

The eyewitness said she called the police and asked the mother why she attacked the man, and was told by the mother that Rodriguez had tried to touch her daughter.

"We just lost our son", she said in Spanish through tears, "and to see him like this was unbearable".

Authorities are hunting for several suspects after a 92-year-old grandfather was beaten with a brick on July 4 and told to "go back to your country, ' reports said".

He said the altercation began when he and the female suspect's child collided while they were walking near each other near the intersection of 118th Street and Central Avenue.

The alleged victim's family has established an online fundraiser to help with his medical expenses.