Sophie Gradon BF found dead: what happened?

Sophie Gradon BF found dead: what happened?

Nearly three weeks after TV star Sophie Gradon passed away at the age of 32, multiple outlets report that her boyfriend Aaron Armstrong has died.

Armstrong was found dead at his home in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

The 32-year-old reality TV star was laid to rest in Jesmond, Newcastle, with guests in attendance including TV presenter Mat Johnson, who later shared a heartfelt post on Instagram in tribute of his late friend.

He wrote: "Just wish I could cuddle you all day miss you so much man Sophie not a minute goes by with out your gorgeous smile being a picture in my mind everyday we spent together was so unbelievable I need them days back".

It is believed the 32-year-old died by suicide on June 20 after her body reportedly was discovered in her parents' home by Aaron.

On July 2, grieving Aaron shared a devastating message about his heartbreak, where he told Sophie he would see her very soon, and he would live a life to make her proud.

"There are not believed to be any suspicious circumstances surrounding her death. The world we live in behind social media", she wrote.

"Please keep in mind to be a little bit kinder every day to every person in your life. I love you princess".

The brunette - who broke Love Island history in 2016 when she became part of the first same-sex couple on the show - went on to describe how despite receiving nice comments, she couldn't help but be drawn to the bad ones.

"Just wish I could cuddle you all day". I'm heartbroken for you soph to have felt this pain.

"I'm absolutely heartbroken I can't stop crying and I can feel your spirit in my soul".