Lebanese woman sentenced to 8 years over Egypt insults…

Lebanese woman sentenced to 8 years over Egypt insults…

A Lebanese tourist ranted in a Facebook video about her bad experiences in Egypt, which could land her in prison for eight years.

Despite releasing a second video insisting she had not meant to insult the country as a whole, Mazbouh was found guilty by a Cairo court of "harming the Egyptian people".

In an official statement, the 24 year old was charged with spreading "false rumors which aim to undermine society and attack religions" as she aggressively criticized the country, and described Egyptians as "beggars" and Egyptian women as "prostitutes".

On Saturday, her father, Ali al-Mazbouh, apologized to all the Egyptians who took offense by his daughter's viral video on Facebook.

He presented to the court documents and a Lebanese magazine, where an ad was published to raise funds for Mazbouh to undergo a brain operation, and pointed out that his client cannot control her emotions as a result of these neurological disorders.

In the video, she also claimed that a sum of money was stolen from an apartment she rented near the coastal city of Alexandria on a previous visit to Egypt.

According to a report by The Times of Israel, the accused Mona el-Mazbouh was originally sentenced for 11 years in prison. Mazbouh added that her anger in the video was sparked by an incident of verbal harassment she experienced in Zamalek, an upscale neighborhood in Cairo. With all due respect to the judiciary, this is a severe ruling.

The lawyer filed an appeal against the jail verdict and it will be heard before an appeal court on July 29.

The allegations drew a strong reaction online, with some Egyptians calling for Ms Mazbouh's arrest and lodging a complaint against her.

"Military prosecutors continued to send hundreds of civilians to military trials in cases related to political dissent, whether violent or peaceful", the rights group reported.