Wimbledon could detract from cup final, jokes Roger Federer

Wimbledon could detract from cup final, jokes Roger Federer

The current Wimbledon edition will stay in the history due to the coinciding of the men's singles final, that will start on Sunday at 2:00 PM, with the World Cup final, that takes place at 4:00 PM UK time. With the sun not setting until roughly 9:15 p.m.in London this time of year, matches at Wimbledon routinely extend past 7 p.m.

The All England Club CEO Richard Lewis is confident that everything will go well.

Rather than worrying about what kind of disruption the World Cup final might cause to the two Wimbledon finalists, eight-times champion Roger Federer offered a different take on the potential clash.

Football fever hasn't bristled the grass courts at Wimbledon despite England reaching the semi-finals of the Fifa World Cup for the first time since 1990. "They'll hear every point, wow, love-15, 15-30", he said.

The players (at the World Cup) are going to look up in the crowd and not understand what´s going on at Wimbledon!

He also told BBC Sport that Wimbledon's big TV screen on "Henman Hill" was reserved for tennis.

Centre Court was only a third full on Saturday when droves of fans left the arena to watch England's victory over Sweden.

"Saturday [when England played in the quarter final] was a fantastic day at the championships".

And though the tennis starts at 2pm, and the football kicks off at 4pm United Kingdom time, there is the possibility that the tennis could spill over into football time if it goes the distance, something that's certainly possible with Roger Federer still on course to possibly meet Rafael Nadal or Novak Djokovic in the final. We had superb tennis going on and we were benefiting from modern technology where people were able to follow the football, enjoy it, without disturbing other people.

"You can tell when England scored and it was wonderful but we didn´t receive any complaints that the enjoyment of tennis had been spoiled". Shouldn't really happen, but thankfully they do for me.

Lewis is quoted in the Guardian saying: "People get Wimbledon, and we get the balance right".

Lewis has become exasperated by stories that the All England Club has been indifferent to the national wave of affection which has engulfed Gareth Southgate´s football team.

"We've installed public WiFi, very strong WiFi signal".

France booked a placed in the final on Tuesday after pipping Belgium 1-0 in the semi-final clash. "We are a country of four million people", said the 22-year-old.