'Fortnite' Season 5 Adds New Locations, ATK Vehicle And Rifts

'Fortnite' Season 5 Adds New Locations, ATK Vehicle And Rifts

Unfortunately, however, it looks like Save the World isn't going free-to-play just yet.

The company has also seen fit to indicate how many shotgun pellets hit a rival player, providing more context as to why a point-blank shotgun shot only registered 8 damage. Epic Games has also made it a bit more hard to "double pump" in season 5. There are also some damage and bullet drop-off changes to the SMG. We also know the update will add in the two skins featured in the image below, which seem to support the theory that the update will be themed around multiple worlds and time periods colliding.

There's also a new vehicle, the All Terrain Kart (the ATK) which will accommodate your whole squad. For season 5, Epic is changing things up adding new locations called Paradise Palms and Lazy Links, and there are new unnamed POIs too across the island.

The endgame will behave a bit differently now, as well, as the center of storm circles seven, eight, and nine can now shift in random directions. Progressive challenges no longer run out at the end of a season, with players able to complete them at their own pace rather than having to rush. Upon their completion, you will be rewarded with a new loading screen.

As you can tell, that's three different settings for three different instances in which you can now use motion controls. They can be toggled on and off, but will allow aiming by moving the controllers.

One of the biggest gameplay adjustments involves the shotgun, with the development team creating a short amount of time between switching between two of the weapon.

There are some other more minor bug fixes and tweaks to the game, which can be read in full here.

Epic Games has released the patch notes for Fortnite Season 5 which showcase the new four-man vehicle, changes to the map and more.