Officer resigns after dispute over Puerto Rican shirt

Officer resigns after dispute over Puerto Rican shirt

An Illinois police officer who drew criticism after he was caught on video appearing to ignore a woman's pleas for help as a man harassed her about a Puerto Rican flag shirt resigned his position late Wednesday, officials said.

Timothy Trybus, 62, was previously charged with disorderly conduct and assault.

Irizarry, who was at the park with friends for a birthday party, can be heard on the video telling Trybus that she is indeed an American citizen. "If you're an American, you wouldn't be wearing that".

Irizarry informs her accuser that Puerto Rico is part of the United States.

Irizarry said she received an apology from the forest preserve shortly after she posted the video.

'Officer, I feel highly uncomfortable, can you please grab him, please?' she asks the cop again.

Officer Patrick Connor had been placed on desk duty pending an investigation into the matter, and was scheduled to attend a hearing with his bosses on Thursday, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

"His personnel file will reflect that this officer did not resign in good standing, with a note indicating that he left the district with discipline pending", the park agency's general superintendent, Arnold Randall, said Thursday.

"Is there anything you can do?" she said.

"Yes I am", Irizarry replied.

"He's very distraught and not happy about having to leave employment much sooner than he intended, but because of the strong reaction from the public and political figures, he thought it would be unrealistic to stay as an officer". The man resumes his abuse, saying: "You're not American, if you were American you wouldn't wear that. You should be wearing United States of America flag", he said.

And anyone who has eyeballs can see how police do not handle encounters with Black and brown people the same as with whites. "I am appalled, shocked & disturbed by the officer's behavior", Rossello's tweet reads.

Irizarry (pictured) posted a Facebook Live video as the man, who was drunk, repeatedly came up to her and yelled 'Why is she wearing that s**t?' The woman, Mia Irizarry, is heard appealing to the officer to help restrain the man, but the officer doesn't appear to engage until almost 10 minutes later, when other officers arrive.

"You are not going to change us, you know that, right?" "At the same time, this video will help inform ongoing officer training so we can all learn from this unfortunate episode". I was new and I was dressed somewhat casually because we were just returning from a Puerto Rican celebration and my daughter was carrying a Puerto Rican flag.

Video of the June 14 incident shows the officer didn't respond. President Woodrow Wilson in 1917 signed into law the Jones-Shafroth Act, granting US citizenship to residents of Puerto Rico.