LeBron James Mural Vandalism Video Released

LeBron James Mural Vandalism Video Released

"[Some] people didn't like it in general; not necessarily the work, but the sentiment that went with it. People had a big problem with the word 'of.' I get where they are coming from".

"I thought I had learned a long time ago to never touch religion or politics", Never said.

However, around midnight Wednesday morning, vandals threw paint on the mural, prompting Never to cover it up entirely.

"I guess it is never touch religion, politics or anyone against Kobe", Never cracked.

The mural initially received criticism for depicting the phrase "The King of LA" around James' image, which many perceived as a slight toward Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, and it was vandalised as a result.

Artist Jones Never painted a mural of James last week, declaring him "The King of LA". But it's also weird that fans of a once-great team that's gone five seasons without a playoff berth - its longest previous drought was two - are struggling to embrace the greatest player of his generation, who could've gone pretty much anywhere and chose the Lakers.

One person even offered fans $300 to alter the mural.

"I don't know if it's LeBron haters or Kobe fans or just someone who wants attention", Never said while painting over the mural. "Some guy did it and posted video of him doing it and responded to the guy and said 'Pay me".

Never says the reactions to his mural were mixed, overall. Upon returning to Cleveland, James went to four more consecutive finals' and led the Cavs to one of the most memorable championships of all time, coming back from a 3-1 deficient to beat the National Basketball Association juggernaut Golden State Warriors in 2016.

'I can't see anyone getting mad about the whole team, ' Never said.