'US doesn’t have fair trade deal with European Union, they treat us horribly’

President Donald Trump pulled off a diplomatic backflip Friday, reversing himself on trade, Brexit and his critical assessment of British Prime Minister Theresa May while insisting the U.S. -U.K. relationship is "the highest level of special".

Trump has claimed to have recorded disputed exchanges in the past without providing evidence.

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Steve Bannon said Mr Trump told the PM she should demand much more from Brussels than she realistically expected to get.

Trump said "pure stupidity" in the U.S. "makes it very hard to do something with Russian Federation".

But there was still a lot of confusion.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: I don't know what they're going to do.

There's no love lost between the US President and Sadiq Khan, who Trump said had done a "terrible job" as London mayor.

British Prime Minister Theresa May sought to limit the damage from US President Donald Trump's outspoken attack on her Brexit policy yesterday as she met him for talks at her country retreat.

He also said he'd told May how to negotiate with the European Union, but she ignored him. And maybe, some day, she'll do that.

She said: 'How bad is it when there are leaders in place who have his ideology and makes decisions that are just flawed for the world.

The president then urged reporters to listen to a full recording of the interview, which he said would give the full picture. We are cracking down right now on the European Union because they have not treated the United States fairly on trading.

It all made for a perplexing and politically tricky visit for Ms. The proposal has infuriated hardline Brexit MPs. May of going soft on Brexit and argued that her strategy would keep the country too aligned with the EU.

This has infuriated fervent Brexit supporters, who think it would limit Britain's ability to strike new trade deals around the world.

Trump said May's in trouble because she ignored his advice on both Brexit and migration, and he thinks Johnson would make a great prime minister. The EU has also been cool to the idea and negotiations resume next week with only months to go before a deal has to be struck.

But that special relationship appeared on the rocks Friday following Trump's stunning interview with The Sun in which the president politically undercut May while she battles to maintain control of her government. May were to hold lengthy discussions at the Prime Minister's country retreat called Chequers.

He told the tabloid that it was not what Britons backed when they voted in a June 2016 referendum to quit the EU.

May, likewise, glossed over the comments in the Sun, saying her deal provided a platform for an ambitious free trade deal. "We want to trade with the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom wants to trade with us". He's incredibly thin-skinned so this will offend him and I know this will make a difference, which is part of the reason why I'm here'.

MARTIN: Theresa May - excuse me - Theresa May said that she supports Donald Trump's upcoming visit.

May said her country has a "proud history of welcoming people with different backgrounds". I was very saddened to see that he was leaving government and I hope he goes back in at some point, because I think he's a very. "And that is fine".

The interview was seized upon by Ms.

"She's a total professional", Trump said of May. It goes with "Fake Schmooze", and says Trump has been "forced" into a climbdown to patch things up with Theresa May. He was heralded by military bands on his arrival at the 92-year-old monarch's home where her grandson Prince Harry married US actress Meghan Markle in May. He also praised one of May's political rivals, former foreign secretary Boris Johnson. May and tried to play down his comments about Mr. Johnson, with limited success.

He also labeled the interview with The Sun as fake news and said it did not include the positive things he had said about the prime minister.

"I just think it is changing the culture, I think it is a very negative thing for Europe", he added. "I think he's got what it takes". He quickly pointed to Ms. He even said she was an "incredible woman" doing a "great job".