Nancy Sinatra Sr., First Wife of Frank Sinatra, Dead at 101

Nancy Sinatra Sr., First Wife of Frank Sinatra, Dead at 101

The mother of three and first wife of singing legend Frank Sinatra died on Friday. Nancy Sinatra worked as a secretary while her husband tried to get his music career started as a singing waiter at a local restaurant.

In 1934, Nancy Barbato met a young Frank when he was a relatively unknown jazz singer in Long Branch, New Jersey.

Her daughter calls her "a blessing and the light of my life".

"Godspeed, Momma and thank you for everything". Three years before marrying the former Nancy Barbato, he had landed a 15-minute radio show on local station WAAT.

They Wednesday in 1939 at the Our Lady of the Sorrows church in Jersey, then moved into a modest NY apartment while Nancy worked as a secretary.

MRS Sinatra was a handsome and classy woman, who whenever you would read about her in articles or in forums on Facebook, was highly respected.

Just days after the singer and Nancy signed their divorce papers, Frank Sinatra married Gardner.

Notorious for his romantic conquests, Frank would go on to marry Gardner (1951-57), then Mia Farrow (1966-68), and eventually model Barbara Marx in 1976.

That latter accomplishment led Sinatra to leave him after an affair with actress Ava Gardner became public knowledge.

All three of Frank's children Nancy, JR., Frank and Tina were born of the marriage between Frank and Nancy, SR. They separated in 1950.

But the pair remained close until Frank Sinatra's death in 1998 at the age of 82, after a heart attack, the newspaper reported. Sinatra's hit song, "She's Funny That Way", plays in the background.