DOOM Eternal's Official Gameplay Reveal is Here and It's Badass

DOOM Eternal's Official Gameplay Reveal is Here and It's Badass

Id Software announced the arrival of the next DOOM title in June during E3 2018, showcasing a teaser trailer. Wait, really? After all the ripping and...? The DOOM Slayer is a demon killing machine, and he goes pretty hard in this gameplay demo, slaying demon after demon in brutal style.

There are a ton of new changes being introduced to Doom Eternal.

And, oh, the ways you can slaughter them!

They added, "In this open-world shooter, you'll venture out into this "new" world taking on quests, upgrading and driving your vehicle across desolate and foreboding landscapes, and engage in some epic gunplay that the celebrated game studio is so well known for". Pro Tip: demons don't like it when you blow bits off of them, so you should shoot at them until they die. DOOM made a name for itself with gunplay that felt powerful and controlled well, so it looks like we can expect more of the same in Eternal. As the DOOM Slayer, return to take your vengeance against the forces of Hell. He has some new weapons as well. These include the Ballista, which fires an exploding bolt into enemies, and the Super Shotgun, which comes with a blade called the "Meat Hook" attached to the barrels. Our intrepid Doom Slayer jumps, grapples, and brutalizes his way through a ruined cityscape, which has been consumed by grotesque fleshy demon architecture.

Doom's Switch version arrived more than a year after the others (you can't blame it, Switch wasn't even out when Doom 2016 first arrived), but there will be no such delay this time.

Bethesda have been strong supporters of the Switch and that continues today, with the announcement that DOOM Eternal, the follow-up game to DOOM is also coming to Nintendo Switch.