First Samsung Galaxy Note 9 teardown shows huge water cooling system

First Samsung Galaxy Note 9 teardown shows huge water cooling system

This does make the Note 9 more unwieldy than smaller phones, but the tradeoff may be worth it for some users.

Being a big phone release from the biggest Android manufacturer, the Note 9 will have plenty of third-party accessories like screen protectors, rugged cases and auto mounts for your employees to use to keep the phone itself safe.

As its interactive capabilities, the Galaxy Home boasts eight far-field microphones for picking up voice input. But its software is now smarter.

That being said, Bixby hasn't generated masses of user praise, so only time will tell how well the Galaxy Home's smart assistant functionality goes down.

These included the ability to handle follow-up questions during a conversation, and integration with Google Maps. Even if the battery has no power it will still work as a regular S Pen for note taking, signing, drawing, screen-off memos and so on. The S-Pen button can also be used to pause and play media, and control presentations.

There are some other neat additions.

Mr Jeronimo was more positive about the impact this would have.

"Many will now be able to do without a laptop". It might not be for everyone, but on the whole it looks like Samsung's "elegant design" promise may actually have come to fruition. Buyers who pre-book the device will get a chance to own a Samsung Gear Sport smartwatch for Rs 4,999, which originally costs Rs 22,990, the company said in a statement.

But everybody else is looking at that £899 SIM-free price and £1,200-plus contract deals - and that's just for the entry-level model - and thinking there's no way they'll be splashing out on the Note 9 any time soon.

Compared to its predecessor, the Note 9's retail box features the S-Pen on the front, as Samsung's relying on iterative upgrades to the phablet and new features for the stylus to ensure that this year's Note is different from the Note 8. And the odd, three-legged, cauldron-like design is sure to set it apart from the Amazon Echo and Apple HomePod devices of the world.

But Samsung's assertion that a finger is the only other option besides the Apple Pencil just isn't true. Like the Apple Watch 3, this will feature an eSIM slot, and for LTE you'll need a cooperating mobile network. Another highlight is the battery of the device.

This is thanks to its 6GB of RAM and 10nm 64-bit octa-core processor, which runs underneath Android 8.1. The connectors are rubberized, the receiver for the stylus is also glued. Hell, it may even make a nice centrepiece.