Justin Bieber Opens Up About Crying With Hailey Baldwin

Justin Bieber Opens Up About Crying With Hailey Baldwin

He and Hailey Baldwin were photographed earlier this week in the middle of what looked like a tearful and emotional conversation, leading fans to wonder if there was trouble between the two love-birds.

"Justin being emotional has nothing to do with him not being happy".

To which Justin responded, "You got good days and you got bad days".

One photo appeared to show Bieber comforting Baldwin, caressing her face as she cried.

Justin Bieber is sporting a slicked back hairdo after getting his hair cut on Wednesday afternoon (August 8) in New York City.

While the couple rode bikes around New York City something spurred a roller coaster of emotions.

The What Do You Mean singer dropped his head into his hands as the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin wrapped a comforting arm around her fiance.

The source told HollywoodLife that 'Justin used to rely on many people to help him cope but now the only person he trusts and confides in is Hailey'. I got a life to live too so you know when I go in the auto or something, it's nothing to do with you guys.

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"You make me so much better and we compliment each other so well!"

Justin and Hailey are both known to be religious, and were pictured in June attending a church conference in Miami together, shortly before announcing their engagement. Can U relate to Justin about love like this being overwhelming?? No words could ever express my gratitude'.