Colbert Has A Guess Where Trump's Space Force Idea Came From

Colbert Has A Guess Where Trump's Space Force Idea Came From

"The time has come to establish the United States Space Force", Pence said in a speech to U.S. military and civilian personnel at the Pentagon, citing threats from China and Russian Federation.

In terms of practical considerations, Pence mentioned a couple of activities that will be folded into the space force. In addition to angry comments denouncing the very idea and several attempts at memes, the responses contained alternate proposals for a Space Force logo - including the Federation symbol from Star Trek and the Galactic Empire logo from Star Wars.

The former official said the creation of a separate Space Force will create more red tape, not less.

The first USA rockets were launched by the us military, and NASA's first astronauts were military officers, Pence said.

At the time, Mr Trump stated he wanted a "separate but equal" service to the Air Force. Another option (bottom left) has the same background as NASA's logo, but features the silhouette of a space shuttle along with "SPACE FORCE". We don't want space militarized, and we've signed treaties to that effect.

President Donald Trump ordered the creation of Space Force in June, arguing the Pentagon needs it to tackle vulnerabilities in space and assert USA dominance in orbit.

But critics view its creation as an unnecessary and expensive bureaucratic endeavor, a vanity project that simply strips away work already being done effectively by services like the Air Force.

Alongside the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard, it will comprise the sixth arm of the US armed forces. The last time the United States created a new uniformed military service was in 1947, when the Air Force was launched after World War II. The chairman and ranking member of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Strategic Forces-Rep.

"Let's put it this way, in 2011 the Obama administration released a national security space strategy that outlined steps to make space forces more resilient and deter attacks".

The Space Force will be a new department of the USA military which Trump has described as "separate but equal".

Colbert played a clip of the president talking about a space-based military branch from "stardate March 13, where supreme leader Trump addressed a confused planet".

· The establishment of a Space Development Agency to quickly create new space defense technologies.

The US now has 157 military satellites, outnumbering China's 57 and Russia's 83.

In 2007, China launched a missile that tracked and destroyed one of its own satellites, the vice president said.

Dodge noted that creating a Space Force now, instead of waiting for the future, would allow the "Keep pace with and [go] beyond the abilities of potential adversaries to the United States".

"The U.S. military is big in space, but it's all unmanned satellites", Brumfiel reports. "We are glad that the Pentagon is finally taking these steps in enhancing our space strength", they wrote. And today, Space Force got a boost from Vice President Mike Pence.

Pence unveiled details of plans to create a Space Force which would be the sixth branch of America's military, saying the "time has come" to prepare for "the next battlefield".

"'Space Force, you know I love it". "Space is, in his words, a war-fighting domain just like land and air and sea".