Nicki Minaj Disses Cardi B on Queen Radio

Nicki Minaj Disses Cardi B on Queen Radio

The pair, who collaborated on chart-topping single "FEFE", spent time together at a fashion event and appeared to send a message to Cardi.

"I think in a time where Serena Williams is fighting for equality-I love both Nicki Minaj and Cardi B and I think that they are extremely talented-and in a time when she is fighting for women's equality, we just can't be fighting", she told E!

Cardi B and Nicki's beef dates back to when they were both featured on the Migos track "Motor Sport", and Cardi claimed Nicki's verse was different to the one she initially recorded, which some took as an implication she re-recorded her lines to not be outshone.

In a video captured by TMZ, bodyguards can be seen trying to stop Cardi from getting any closer to Nicki, but she tried to push past them.

The "Bed" rapper responded to Cardi's accusations on Monday, saying: "I would never discuss anyone's child". You call black women roaches.

"Meanwhile Adriana Lima posted then deleted the following comment on Cardi's statement: "@iamcardib you got my support in this one". "I was in a Gaultier gown - off the motherfucking runway - and I could not believe how humiliating it all felt because [of how] we - and I'm going to use "we" loosely - made ourselves look was mortifying". "I've worked too hard and come too far to let anybody f**k with my success!" she added. "I never had to fuck a DJ to play my songs!" "You're angry and you're sad", Minaj said.

"I would never ridicule anyone's child". We have way bigger issues as women, you know what I mean? Get this woman some f-kin help. Per their sources, Cardi lunged at Nicki before security had to break them up but not before Cardi tossed her shoe at the table.

The "Barbie Dreams" visual follows videos for "Chun-Li", "Bed", and "Ganja Burn" off Nicki's album Queen, which debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200. This s**t ain't amusing, you put your hands on put your hands on certain people you're going to die, ' she continued to rant.

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