Apple reveals yet another iPhone to keep gadget fans satisfied

Apple reveals yet another iPhone to keep gadget fans satisfied

Here's everything you need to know. The original iPhone X is now $200 cheaper. "Think a bigger display in a smaller design at 6.1", and scrolls "super fast".

Is there anything new with Face ID or the TrueDepth camera? And before you think that it's some type of novelty device... it's actually FDA approved.

The Watch Series 4 can also send notifications if your heart rate is too low, screen your heart for atrial fibrilation, and even provide an electrocardiogram (ECG) - the first over the counter consumer device to do so.

How about a new operating system instead?

Customers will be able to pre-order iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max beginning Friday, September 14, with availability beginning Friday, September 21.

The tech giant unveiled a new iteration of the flagship iPhone X with a 5.8in screen dubbed the iPhone XS - pronounced "ten S" rather than "excess" as well as the iPhone XS Max, which comes with a larger 6.5in screen. These start at $999 and go up-really far up-from there. The massive iPhone Xs Max sets a new display size record with a 6.5-inch display made up of 3.3 million pixels.

With six new colours (white, black, blue, yellow, coral, (PRODUCT) RED), the iPhone Xr may also be popular for those uninterested in the silver, space gray and gold options with iPhone Xs. That's the price for the 512GB variant of the iPhone XS Max. We've been running the beta for a while, and it's been surprisingly stable. Ten years into the iPhone revolution, most major websites now have a phone-friendly version that will look great and let you get down to business on that screen. The update is said to include a brand new digital wellness tool and users will notice improvements to reality platform ARKit.

We've been using Mojave since it came out, and it's been rock-solid stable for us, especially in the more recent betas. If not, there are several differences that are worth taking into consideration. So it's not a complete surprise that Apple would continue in this homeless direction (and not come back to it).

Perhaps no detail was more important than the key piece of information Apple kept secret until today: pricing. The results look a lot like magic, to judge by the demo at Apple's Show and Tell event Wednesday.

This one will cost more than most laptops and sting you for over $2000.

To understand how big the screens are on the 2018 crop of new iPhones, I brought a few visual aides to Apple's grand unveiling Wednesday at its Silicon Valley headquarters.

New MacBooks or MacBook Airs - these have been rumored for years and we still haven't seen them. The company will buy your old devices if it's in good condition or recycle them for free if it's not usable.

CEO Tim Cook and other executives announced the latest Apple hardware updates in front of a packed room of media members, analysts, special guests, and employees.

New Airpods with Wireless Charging - not surprisingly, these didn't launch since the AirPower charging mat still isn't done.