Google to Kill Its Inbox App In Favor of Gmail

Google to Kill Its Inbox App In Favor of Gmail

"As a result, we're planning to focus exclusively on Gmail and say goodbye to Inbox". However, there is a pretty big following for Inbox, so Google may face some backlash here.

Today (very predictably, we would argue) Gmail product manager Matthew Izatt announced via a blog post that Google is sunsetting the more experimental Inbox app and bringing over things the company has learned to the main Gmail app.

The launch of the new Gmail in April was surely a sign that Inbox, Google's productivity-focused mail app, would soon meet its demise. Gmail started picking up some nifty features of its own over time too, such as basic gesture customization, Smart Compose, AI-driven priority alerts, and un-sending emails. This update brought more of Inbox's features to Gmail, adding to those that had already made their way across. Back in the day, the Gmail app or desktop experience would come with limited options, making Inbox by Gmail a platform to create/expand on ideas. Featuring tight integration with other Google services, Inbox quickly garnered a group of passionate followers.

Launched back in 2014, Inbox by Gmail was initially invite-only and sought to compete with innovative email apps like Boxer and the now-defunct Mailbox. In it, Google walks customers through using some of their favorite features from Inbox in Gmail as well as discover new ones. While the exact date was not mentioned by the company, Google did release a Support Guide so that users of Inbox can make the transition to Gmail.

Inbox was a testing ground of sorts for new Gmail features.

A few features aren't coming over, however, including pinned emails, reminders, and bundles.