Missy Elliott surprises viral video star who sang "Work It"

Missy Elliott surprises viral video star who sang

The video of Mary Halsey, who Elliott nicknamed her "funky white sister", performing "Work It" at a cookout went hella viral and everyone saw it, including Missy herself, according to Billboard.

Ellen, queen of orchestrating surprises for celebrity fans, invited Mary on her talk show this week to perform her favourite Missy jam and secretly had the hip-hop star waiting in the wings to surprise her. "The song had come out in 2002 and it was really popular", she told Ellen DeGeneres.

"First I want to thank Ellen for just being incredible she will always be blessed because of her HUGE Heart!,' Missy said on Instagram following the show".

"When she first said, 'Missy's funky white sister, ' I'm like, 'Who is this?!'" she said.

"It became my go-to song, everyone wants to hear it!" she revealed.

Of course, Missy had nothing but incredible things to say about Mary's skills - and gushed about what she loved about Mary's rendition. "Mary is one of the sweetest souls I met". I put it out there and said, "I wanna go viral", but I never thought it would happen'. "So when I listen, I'm like, she know all the words, but the sound effects - she made the elephant noise, all of that ..."

Missy surprised Halsey with a signed custom T-shirt, while Ellen gave her a jacket inscribed with "Missy's Funky White Sister" on the back. This might just be the most pure video on the internet. And I'm thankful Ellen connected us because Mary you are a gem!