Tesla shareholders approve $2.6 billion SolarCity merger

As well, these solar tiles are said to be more durable than regular roof shingles, so the lower cost may be on top of a reduced rate of replacements and repairs. They claim the merger is an attempt to use one company to bail out another. But lawsuits have been filed challenging the transaction, and skeptics have called the all-stock deal an attempted bailout for both companies because each faces a cash-flow crunch.

Enough currency with banks for exchange: RBI

For many people, the crisis affected their daily life and activities. His company manages ATMs which are not owned by banks. There were calls about long queues or violence. However, ATMs of all most all banks have put up boards of no cash and customers are seen returning back in search of another ATMs. Even as ATMs started operations after a two-day shutdown, the machines failed to dispense cash.

ECB's Praet warns of external risks to euro zone economy

ECB's Praet warns of external risks to euro zone economy

Regarding potential risks weighing on recovery in the euro area, the ECB chief warned of the remaining prevalent geopolitical risks, the profitability of euro area banks, the weak inflation dynamics as well as the dependence of the economic recovery on easy monetary policy.

Britain ratifies Paris climate agreement

US Secretary of State John Kerry has calmed fears that his country could pull out of the ongoing UN-led negotiations to fight global warming. A week after climate-change denier Donald Trump's election to the White House, U.S. In countries such as Fiji, communities living at sea level have been forced to relocate permanently because their homes - lived in for generations - are no longer habitable.

Thousands stranded in New Zealand after earthquakes, flooding

The military is evacuating people in helicopters and by ship. As he flew over the worst-hit areas in a helicopter, Key said: "It's utter devastation". One group was rescued while the other became stranded hours later as SPCA CEO Steve Glassey said the National Rescue Unit would attempt to save them.

APNewsBreak: Ohio zoo's gorilla barrier wasn't in compliance

Barriers between exhibits and the general public "must restrict public contact from the animals", said the USDA, which began conducting an investigation into the facility the day the boy fell into the enclosure. The issue was "corrected at the time of inspection", according to the repot. "The Cincinnati Zoo took swift and comprehensive corrective action in response".