Bank of England defies expectations to keep interest rates at 0.5%

The Bank of England has surprised the City by leaving interest rates on hold at its first policy meeting since the United Kingdom voted to leave the EU. Before the referendum, it was widely expected to raise rates later this year or in early 2017, following the lead of the U.S. Federal Reserve as the economy picked up.

Theresa takes charge as UK PM

Mrs May made only brief reference to the political quake - last month's dramatic referendum vote to leave the European Union - which triggered Mr Cameron's downfall. May campaigned for the leadership as a safe pair of hands, after spending six years as home secretary, one of the toughest jobs in British politics.

Russian Officials Hopeful for Warmer Relations After Johnson Appointment

While Osborne's exit came as less of a surprise, being a close Cameron aide, Johnson's appointment as foreign secretary was more unexpected. Germany's Die Welt said many initially thought the "bombshell" appointment was a joke, recalling that Johnson has compared the European Union to Adolf Hitler and likened Hillary Clinton to "a sadistic nurse in a mental hospital".

Pokemon Go Finally Solved This BIG Security Issue

We've also embedded the chat below so you can join in if you don't have an iPhone or just want the convenience of chatting in your Web browser. With Pokemon and other in-game items only appearing at certain real-world locations, swarms of budding collectors have gathered in public places as the game's popularity has spread.

Pokemon Go UK Now Available To Download On iPhone And Android

We've asked Niantic for comment and hope to hear back from them soon. A St. Louis man is offering rides to "Pokemon Go" players so they can catch the elusive fictitious creatures. Inside Pokemon eggs are rare Pokemon (if the user is lucky), and inside PokeStops are items players use in the game, like Pokeballs to capture Pokemon .

Boris Johnson named British foreign secretary; Brexit minister added

Johnson himself said he was "humbled". Having quickly fallen out of the race to be prime minister following the referendum vote to leave the European Union, the appointment promises a high-profile role on the world stage for the man who vowed repeatedly that Britain would "take back control" outside the EU.