Police, protesters face off at Dakota Access pipeline

Monday that approximately 100 to 200 protesters were on the bridge or in the vicinity. At least one person has been arrested. The Backwater Bridge has been closed since late October, when activists clashed with police in riot gear and set two trucks on fire, prompting authorities to forcibly shut down a protesters encampment nearby.

Trump Defends His $25 Million Settlement of Trump University Lawsuits

Lawyers for the President-elect reached the out-of-court deal to avoid a trial in a potentially embarrassing case that, during his campaign, he had promised to keep fighting and never settle. In the two class-action cases, members are guaranteed to recoup at least 55 percent of the cost spent on Trump University , with the possibility of recovering up to 100 percent.

Trump popularity rises since election day

Trump popularity rises since election day

At around the same time this year in 2008, President Obama's election saw him given a favourable rating of 68% in a Gallup poll . Trump's favorability has grown 9 points - 37 percent to 46 percent - from the same poll right before the election.

Volkswagen Agrees Deal with Unions to Cut 30000 Jobs

Volkswagen Agrees Deal with Unions to Cut 30000 Jobs

The agreement foresees 3.7 billion euros ($3.9 billion) in annual savings at VW's namesake brand, a step which involves 23,000 job cuts in Germany alone, another source said. FILE - In this Jan 26, 2015 file photo worker Maik Neubert checks a Passat Variant vehicle during the visual inspection during a press tour at the plant of the German manufacturer Volkswagen Sachsen in Zwickau, Germany.

It's surreal, but Trump and Obama just met in the Oval Office

The world is watching the transition of power as President-elect Donald Trump prepares to lead our nation. White House spokesman Josh Earnest said later that the meeting was valuable although many differences remained. Meantime, anger over Donald Trump's stunning election continued to boil over into the early hours. "With a transition like this, the issues that we face don't go away", Kerry said during a visit to New Zealand.

Withdrawal limits at banks, ATMs raised; new Rs 500 notes launched

The government has also urged people to file complaints with the district administration offices if hospitals, petrol pumps and other outlets instructed to accept old notes until the extended deadline refuse to do so. Earlier on Sunday (13 November) evening, the finance ministry announced a Rs 500-extension in cash limits for exchange of old notes from banks and for withdrawal from ATMs.