London attack death toll rises to eight

A friend told the BBC Asian Network he reported Butt to the anti-terror hotline after he began expressing increasingly radical views and justifying terror attacks, but he was never arrested. It had been set at "critical" in the days after the Manchester concert bombing on 22 May that killed 22 people: Reflecting a judgment that an attack might be imminent because accomplices with similar bombs might be on the loose.

May Struggles to Hang On as Election Plunges Britain Into Political Chaos

Yet with the result from Thursday's United Kingdom election, which left no single party with a majority, it is anyone's guess when and how the country will be ready to start the talks. The pro-Brexit UKIP party previously led by Nigel Farage has lost all its seats. "We know when they must end". It's also not the first time Americans have tried to figure out Corbyn's influence on the current political landscape.

Prosecutors rest their case at Bill Cosby's trial

Cosby's spokesman Wyatt said Camille Cosby continues to stand by her husband and may still attend the trial at some point, though he added that Bill Cosby wants to protect his family from the media frenzy. Valliere's testimony could also lend credibility to Cosby accuser Kelly Johnson's testimony , which included her admitting she was scared to speak up about Cosby's alleged assault of her since she worked at a Hollywood agency where he was the top client.

Trump says United States is committed to mutual support of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies

And Trump might comment further in a scheduled Rose Garden 2:45 p.m. news conference with the president of Romania , who is visiting the White House and participating in a bilateral meeting. While many large newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times , focused on Comey's portrayal of Trump on several occasions as a liar, Rich Lowry homed in on the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director's behavior.

Minimum wage doesn't cover housing costs in Livingston County

Minimum wage doesn't cover housing costs in Livingston County

The federal minimum wage has remained at $7.25 an hour without an increase since 2009, which is not keeping pace with the high cost of rental housing . According to the just-released report " Out of Reach 2017: The High Cost of Housing", 31 percent of Kankakee County households are renters, who make an average hourly wage of $11.82.

Merkel says European Union ready to start Brexit negotiations

Merkel says European Union ready to start Brexit negotiations

That end date of March 2019 can only be shifted if all 27 member states agree to do so. That was also the broadly desired outcome in Brussels, where leaders believed that a stronger May would be better able to cut compromise deals with the European Union and resist pressure from hardline pro-Brexit factions in her party to walk out without a deal.