CT 2017: Dhawan's 125 takes India to 321/6 against Sri Lanka

And I think our bowlers also bowled decently well. Even Kohli himself took the ball to try to break the partnership of Sri Lankan batsmen. We're not invincible. "But it hurts some times for us because.both the teams play cricket at the same level and they think this is a practice game and we got our revenge", said they wicketkeeper-batsman.

President Trump to Qatar: Stop Funding Extremist Ideology

The US is seeking to stem a region-wide diplomatic crisis that is threatening its focus on counter-terrorism. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Qatar must do more, "more quickly" to combat extremism. It accused Doha of harboring "terrorist and sectarian groups that aim to destabilize the region including the Muslim Brotherhood , Daesh (the Islamic State group ) and Al-Qaeda".

Japan parliament allows Emperor Akihito to step down

Japan parliament allows Emperor Akihito to step down

The bill was cleared in the lower house last week. Once regarded divine power, the oldest monarchy of Japan will undergo another major change with the passage of the Special bill to let the current aged Emperor Akihito to abdicate the throne for his Oxford-educated son and Crown Prince Naruhito.

United Kingdom prime minister's top aides resign after election fiasco

The socially conservative, pro-British and largely Protestant party finds itself in the unlikely position of possible kingmaker. Her motivation was to strengthen her government's hands on the eve of the talks with the European Union so as to ensure a smooth transition to a Britain-free EU but as things stand, it appears that the effect of the vote may be the opposite.

Theresa May's two key aides quit following election

Katie Perrior , who resigned from Downing Street when the election was called, revealed the pair ran a dysfunctional No 10 obsessed with crushing enemies. "What the prime minister needs at a time that you're going through Brexit is diplomats not street-fighters". "They only really know one way to operate and that is to have enemies and I'm sure I'm one of them this morning".

India will cooperate on probe of national carrier deals: minister

India will cooperate on probe of national carrier deals: minister

The order to purchase of 111 aircraft costing about Rs 70,000 crore may have benefited foreign aircraft manufactures with substantial financial loss to the already stressed national carrier, sources said. The cases relate to decisions taken by the ministry during the tenure of the Congress-led UPA causing a loss of "tens of thousands of crore" of rupees to the exchequer, he said.