French PM Urges Taxes on Imports From Countries Snubbing Climate Pact

This ideological U-turn follows a series of similar shifts of Trump's rhetoric after being elected. According to an interview with Fortune , Trump stated that he is now looking into the option of keeping the pact but will strongly consider how much all these efforts will cost American companies.

There's a major cameo in Fantastic Beasts

And there are potentially five "Fantastic Beasts" films set up for the new series. Out of Hogwarts and into 1920s America; about 70 years before Harry's story starts, where Newt Scamander ( Eddie Redmayne ), an expelled student of Hogwarts has come to NY to research his book on - you've guessed it - fantastic beasts .

'Supermoon' is a sight to behold

Monday's supermoon , which reached the peak of its full phase in the morning, was the closest and brightest supermoon of the year and the largest since 1948. Besides November's, there was one on October 16 and there will be another on December 14, although neither are as close as this month's. When the moon is full as it makes its closest pass to Earth it is known as a supermoon .

Hundreds of Los Angeles students in anti-Trump protest

Hundreds of Los Angeles students in anti-Trump protest

Students from at least seven high schools in the D.C. area have protested in the past two days. Students with signs and slogans headed to nearby Mariachi Plaza. Students say they feel their voices weren't heard during the election, even though they're affected by the outcome. "The place that has succeeded because it was open for everyone, the place built of generation after generation of immigrants", he said.

Montpellier retirement home for elderly monks reportedly invaded by armed man

A member of staff managed to escape and raise the alarm and armed police are at the scene. The gunman was thought to be holed up in the home, in the region of Herault, holding up to 60 residents hostage. Around 70 monks live in the home. The home was a retirement home for monks who had been missionaries in Africa. Fifty-nine of the residents were brought to safety, sources said, but others remained inside the home as police continued to search for the man.

Lufthansa scraps 830 short-haul flights on Friday due to strike

Lufthansa scraps 830 short-haul flights on Friday due to strike

Friday's strike affects short-haul flights only and Lufthansa said it will publish details of Friday's cancellations by midday on Thursday. Pilots working for Lufthansa have extended their flight for a second time, with hundreds of short-haul flights likely to be grounded on Friday November 25.