Lufthansa pilots on strike again, 816 flights canceled

Lufthansa pilots on strike again, 816 flights canceled

The company has canceled 816 short-haul flights scheduled for Tuesday. Additionally, Lufthansa pilots announced their plan to strike on short and long-haul flights on Wednesday, Reuters reported. VC rejected the latest pay offer from Lufthansa late on Friday and has also rebuffed a bid for mediation. Last week, Lufthansa had to cancel almost 2,800 flights during a four-day walkout from Wednesday that affected more than 350,000 passengers, the 14th walkout in the dispute.

Iran, Iraq at loggerheads with Saudis ahead of OPEC meeting

Major oil producers will meet in the Austrian capital, Vienna, to try and agree on the implementation of a production cut initially agreed in September. Louis. Experts say Baghdad would have to compensate worldwide oil companies for restrictions placed on their production if the OPEC deal is agreed. Intense negotiations would be needed on Wednesday to cement a deal, Goldman Sachs GS.N said in a note to clients.

With Deals Offered Early, Will Shoppers Buy on Cyber Monday?

Stores are trying to better cater to savvier shoppers, who are splitting their spending back and for. Black Friday set a new record by surpassing the $3 billion mark for the first time, while Thanksgiving accounted for $1.93 billion. Adobe Digital Insights' chief analyst and director Tamara Gaffney mentioned the drop in sales in online sales following the USA presidential elections and said that the Black Friday online sales are expected cover up for all losses.

Chernobyl shelter safely placed over exploded reactor

Chernobyl shelter safely placed over exploded reactor

Ukraine unveiled a new protective cover over the destroyed Chernobyl nuclear reactor No.4, which would prevent the leakage of the radiation from the unit during the next century, media reports said. A 30-kilometer (19-mile) area around the plant has remained largely off-limits and the town of Pripyat, where the plant's workers once lived, was turned into a ghostly ruin of deteriorating apartment buildings.

Thanksgiving weekend shoppers spent less due to discounts

According to the latest report from Adobe Digital Index, online spending in the United States on Wednesday reached $1.57 billion, up 19 percent from last year, while reaching $1.93 billion by the end of Thanksgiving Day, up 11.5 percent from last year.

Oil prices fall 3 percent on doubts over OPEC output cut

Brent prices dropped early on 29 November ahead of the expected decision the following day on doubts that Opec producers will agree a meaningful production cut. In a 10-hour meeting, Iran said it might be ready to freeze production at about 200,000 barrels a day above its current output of around 3.975 million bpd, Bloomberg said.