Bernie Sanders Endorses Hillary Clinton For The Democratic Nomination

To make up for it, Sanders put in another half-hour or so making his endorsement as full-throated as possible. "A lot of people are not going to vote for her", said Angel Picons, who fears many Sanders supporters won't vote at all. For voters with questions about the proposed Democratic platform or questions about Clinton as a candidate, you can contact the Democratic Headquarters of the Desert .

Turkey president condemns Nice terror attack in France

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said: "Canadians are shocked by tonight's attack in Nice". The lorry driver, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, was shot dead by police after he swerved through the crowd, maximising casualties, and shot people for about 30 minutes.

Trump Pushes Back VP Announcement, Indiana Governor Mike Pence Likely Choice

Trump Pushes Back VP Announcement, Indiana Governor Mike Pence Likely Choice

WASHINGTON - Donald Trump is on the verge of picking his vice presidential running mate, with top contenders told to expect a decision as early as Thursday afternoon. Mike Pence had emerged as a late favorite for the job, though Trump said he had not finalized the pick and advisers cautioned he could change his mind.

Medium-sized raises at a big bank

JPMorgan also suffered a 15% decline in investment banking revenue due to lower stock underwriting fees amid the slowdown in IPO activity. The wage raise at U.S.' largest bank will be from a current floor of $10.15 an hour to a range of $12 to $16.50 an hour, Chief Executive Jamie Dimon wrote in an op-ed article in the New York Times .

Japanese messaging app Line shares surge in debut in Tokyo

In New York trading, the stock closed 27% above its IPO price at $41.58 a share on Thursday, while its current level in Tokyo of JPY4,310 a share is 31% above its IPO price. But the company subsequently raised its target range, indicating that investors were keen on the offering. After mobile messenger app Line Corp.'s high-profile stock market debut in the US and Japan, the company and its parent Naver face a hefty task - staying competitive in the global mobile messenger and ...

Republican panel leaves anti-Trump move gasping for breath

Mike Lee, a rules committee delegate from Utah and a key supporter of the "conscience clause," urging Trump instead to make the substantive case to Republican delegates for why they should support him. One of the biggest fights of the day was whether to delete the RNC's Rule 12. One key flash-point was the party's Rule 12, that gives the RNC - when three-quarters of its 168 members agree - the ability to amend numerous party's other rules in between their quadrennial national conventions.