What To Make Of Philando Castile's Death, One Year Later

On Tuesday, authorities released the dash-cam footage from Yarez's patrol vehicle which shows the seconds which preceded it. Although the squad vehicle footage was described repeatedly and was shown to jurors in the courtroom, it had never been made public until Tuesday.

Saudi Arabia's crown prince deposed

Until his father Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud became Saudi Arabia's seventh king in January 2015, few people outside the kingdom had ever heard of Prince Mohammed, seen more than two years on as the power behind its throne. Both discussed investment opportunities that turned into reality during Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia last month, in which the two states signed agreements worth around 280 billion USA dollars.

Rio director charged with fraud

Rio director charged with fraud

Rio director John Varley ran Barclays (LN:BARC) during the financial crisis and has now been called to appear in court on three charges over dealings with Qatar in 2008. I was not a decision-maker and had no control over what the bank did in 2008. Barclays' current chief executive Jes Staley is also being investigated for trying to unmask an internal informer.

Maryland, DC sue Trump for accepting funds without congressional approval

Just days after Mr Trump's inauguration in January, the government watchdog Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington filed a federal lawsuit in the Southern District of NY. "There is no other president whose domestic and foreign investments - the entanglements - have been so bound up with our policy and our interests, and he is the only president who has refused to disclose the extent of his holdings and interests, so yes it will be a subject of our lawsuit." White House ...