Trump warns of 'retribution' for United States companies that offshore jobs

To the editor: Details remain murky about President-elect Donald Trump's high-profile intervention that led Carrier keep in IN about three-quarters of the 1,400 jobs it had planned to ship to Mexico. University of MI economist Justin Wolfers saw another problem with Trump's plan: His proposed tariffs would only hit USA companies that build plants overseas.

Relief in European Union as Austrian far-right candidate admits election defeat

The result is a blow to populists who had hoped a wave of anti-establishment anger sweeping Western democracies would carry Norbert Hofer to power, after Britain's Brexit referendum and Americans' election of Donald Trump as President. But with most ballots cast Sunday counted, Van der Bellen had 53.3 percent of the vote to Hofer's 46.7 percent. He describes Austria as his homeland, but he has also said he grew up as an "immigrant child" in the rural Alpine province of Tyrol.

Trump warns of 'consequences' for companies leaving US

The pronouncements came in a string of tweets. But the president-elect also sent a message to every large USA corporation that wants taxpayer-funded incentives, which is to say all of them: Threaten to leave the US and the administration will rush to the negotiating table.

'Solutions' sought for animal fat in United Kingdom fiver

'Solutions' sought for animal fat in United Kingdom fiver

Innovia, the company that manufacturers the banknotes said it obtains its animal fat through a supplier, but declined to name the supplier. "Our supplier of polymer substrate, Innovia Security, has confirmed to us that these additives may include extremely small amounts of tallow", the Bank said in a statement released Wednesday.

Trump takes on another Mexico-bound Indiana manufacturer

He followed up with Carrier and made a deal that saved hundreds of jobs. "What the president-elect did with Carrier was simply reach out one American to another and ask them to reconsider", Pence said . In a series of early morning tweets Sunday, Trump said companies with offshore factories would face a 35% tax on products they want to sell back in the U.S.

Italy hit by market volatility after referendum defeat

The Italian finance minister Pier Carlo Padoan - the favourite to succeed Renzi - stayed in Rome amid the sensitive situation in Italy. The outcome of the referendum on constitutional reforms in Italy has prompted Premier Matteo Renzi to announce his resignation after 2 1/2 years in office.